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8. Scientific Committees 8.3 Modern MonumentsBibliography

8.3 Modern Monuments
G.P.Lavas was a member of the Supervision Group for the Conservation of Ano Polis Thessaloniki (Ano Polis = Upper Town)

The Upper Town of Thessaloniki provides a unique manifestation of the problems related to historic settlement preservation in northern Greece, enriched with the intrinsic weaknesses of a settlement in question. Constituting the northern part of the intra - muros city, it developed since the end of the 16th century into an exclusively residential district, which encompassed a significant number of early Christian to Post -Byzantine monuments. As of the interwar period, Ano Polis began to be densely occupied in order to cater for the needs of numerous refugees, arriving firstly from Asia Minor and in later years the mainland. Emphasis has been laid on housing issues and the erection of new residences in particular. The area's degradation continued at a growing pace, while the building regulations applied lead to the eradication of basic features of its urban authenticity.
The agency for the Preservation and Conservation of Ano Polis Thessaloniki commisioned a study including a brief historical survey, an inventory for the most important buildings along with an evaluation of the existing remainings, analyses of the existing uses and proposals. Professor Lavas wrote an expertise for the conservation and rehabilitation of the historic site enhancing the overall condition. Ano Polis was a network of free urban spaces and building environment. The preservation plan should focus on the themes below: a. conservation of specific monumental unities proposing restoration schemes for buildings, b. promotion of a general plan of intervention proposals for the preservation of the existed skyline, c. management plan for the erection of new residences, focusing on the permissible mass and height of the modern building environment and d. rearrangement of traffic regulations or uses allowed.
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