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8. Scientific Committees 8.5 Ancient MonumentsBibliography

8.5 Ancient Monuments
G.P.Lavas was a member of the Supervisory Group for the Restoration of the Byzantine Monuments of Thessaloniki after the earthquake, in 1981. He was the scientific expert of Group C for the documenting of the damages and the supporting of the below Byzantine monuments: Church of Panagia, Church of Metamorphosi Sotira, Church of Panagia Acheiropoietos, Church of Haghia Sofia.

The program included a. archaeological, architectural, structural and statical documenting of the monuments, b. architectural and topographical plotting (scales 1:20 and 1: 50), c. identification of the historic phases and evaluation of the architectural interventions, additions and adulterations, d. analysis of the stone-work, emphasizing on cracks and ruptures and e. statical analysis of the structure of the building. The conclusions of the research supported the restoration project, suggested the size and the methods for the conservation and restoration.
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