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3. Academic Work 3.1 Polytechnic School of Zürich (E.T.H.)Academics | Lectures | Books | Publications | Research | Photos

Speakage: Riva Lava :: Sound engineer: Nikos Myrtou

3.1 Polytechnic School of Zürich (E.T.H.)
G.P.Lavas cooperated with the Federal Polytechnic School of Zürich as a Tutor at the Institute of History and Theory of Architecture and a Contributor at the Graphische Sammlung (1969-1975). He undertook the teaching of seminar lessons of A.M.Vogt and E.Gradmann (History of Aesthetics, History of Architecture, Traditional and Contemporary Architecture, Aegean Archaeology) and of Ancient Urban Planning at the Archaeology Institute of the University of Zürich during 1972-1973. He was a fellow-worker of Professor Sigfried Giedion and scientific assistant for Ancient Archaeology and Urban Planning at his last book “Architektur und das Phaenomen des Wandels” (1969).
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